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How To Use A Spy Pen Camera August 22 2018

No matter whether you are monitoring the baby sitter of your children, planning to film evidence of a crime against you or anything else, using a hidden camera should be your first consideration.

This Spy Pen Camera Is Mind Splitting June 15 2018

Probably, if you have ever seen the Jason Bourne movies, you most certainly wanted to feel like a real spy. And what does any spy need? Well, it really is simple-- all kinds of spying gadgets, equipment and gizmos that will allow him to, well, spy on people. Thankfully, seeing how the market nowadays is pretty much filled with all sorts of different technological advancements, it really is no surprise that you will also be able to find a spy pen available.

That is right-- a pen camera is a genuine spy gadget that will never let you down. It is very easy to use-- it does look and feel like a real pen, but the trick is-- you will get a fully functional camera that will be capable of capturing superior quality video and images of whatever you desire, which is extremely convenient in a multitude of different situations. Therefore, in case that you are looking for a one of a kind gadget that will not let you down then a spy camera pen will be perfect for you. When it comes to portable secret spy cameras the SpyCrushers 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera is one of the most efficient choice possible-- besides, you surely deserve it!

A camera pen may prove to be incredible invaluable in a large variety of different situations and, of course, you are going to wish to make the most from it for the best price possible. Well, there are lots of different spy pens readily available on sale these days and, yet, if you are looking for something genuinely special, unique as well as original, do not hesitate to have a look at the above-mentioned solution and you will surely keep on coming back for more. The greatest thing about the SpyCrushers spy pen is that it is so simple to use, so straightforward and so genuinely effective-- you will be secretly taking pictures and video recording anything you need in no time at all. It will not cost you a small fortune and you will therefore be able to make the most from the purchase within the very least amount of time possible.

Lastly, to learn a lot more about the spy pens, how it works and just how beneficial it may well be for you. I urge you to discover the SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera. The perks of having such a pen are great and unique indeed-- it goes without saying, you most certainly deserve it, don't you?

How To Look Like A Spy May 24 2018

If your spy adventure includes following someone, like a teenager who isn’t where they should be or a suspected cheating spouse, your plan will likely fall flat.  All the latest spy gadgets in the world won’t do any good if your target catches you following them.  So, how do you prevent that from happening?  You need a good spy disguise. Read this blog post to learn how to best dress like a super spy.

Wearable Spy Gadget Considerations Part 2 May 17 2018

Last week we discussed various types of wearable spy gadgets that are available for sale like spy pens, keychain spy cameras and spy camera sunglasses. This week we pick back up our spy gadget discussion around style and design options.

Wearable Spy Gadget Considerations May 10 2018

Wearable spy gadgets are rapidly increasing in popularity.  Wearable spy gadgets are great tools for trying to catch cheaters, backstabbers, liars, thieves or any circumstance you feel the need to protect or defend yourself against. Within this blog post series we’ll examine a few that we here at SpyCrushers think are important.

Why Own A Spy Camera May 04 2018

Do you know what you don’t know can hurt you? No matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you have no one likes the idea of being stolen from, backstabbed, cheated on or that his/her safety or well-being is in danger. If so, you may want to take immediate action to help protect yourself from such circumstances.

One clever and inexpensive way you can protect yourself is by using hidden cameras also known as spy cameras. A spy camera can secretly record video, audio recordings and take pictures with just a click of a button. A secret video recording, audio recording or photo maybe just the evidence you need to prove your case or find out what is being said or done behind your back.

Spy cameras utilize a micro camera that is covertly hidden or disguised inside an ordinary every day item, such as a pen, coat hook, smoke detector or keychain. In fact, most spy cameras actually work as the item it appears to be, as in the case of a SpyCrushers spy pen or clothes hook spy camera. The spy pen actually has ink cartridges installed and can be used to write with. The coat or clothes hook spy camera can actually be mounted onto any flat wall surface and holds up to 30lbs. SpyCrushers offers a variety of spy cameras. The devices come in all kinds of shapes, forms and configurations. Purchasing on depends on the need you have and how clever you’d like to be when using one.

Although a spy camera can be a great tool to use for surveillance or protection, it also can be considered an invasion of privacy in some territories and jurisdictions. Before purchasing your spy camera it is always a good idea to check your local laws for the latest most up to date information regarding using any kind of spy camera equipment or devices. So, what kind of spy camera would you use and for what purpose?

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Spy Pens And What You Need To Know May 03 2018

Spy Pens And What You Need To Know

Spy pens are awesome surveillance tools, and they have specialized functions that make them almost indispensable. For those who might not be too familiar here are a few interesting facts.

Their portability is a major advantage

The portability of spy pens is actually one of their biggest advantages. Spy pens are perfect due to their mobility and this portability can also be translated as discretion. If you ever find yourself in a messy situation and you need to get some vital audio recordings, a spy pen is the best tool for you without a doubt.

They're just as effective as other surveillance options

The video quality a spy pen can produce can actually be on par with a lot of traditional high-end surveillance cameras. Spy pen video recording resolutions of 1080p HD are a common feature of today’s newer model spy pens. This proves effective in the sense that if you need quality video recordings or audio recordings but don’t want a traditional surveillance camera you can easily opt for a spy pen instead.

SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p Spy Pen Camera

They're slightly less expensive as well

Spy pens actually cost a lot less than other traditional surveillance spy cameras. Most small surveillance spy cameras can cost over $100. Spycrushers, a spy camera retailer, offers high quality 16GB 1080p HD spy pens for under $50. If you're the type of person who is budget conscious but want to ensure that you have a spy camera product that will get the job done then a SpyCrushers spy pen can provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative way to go.

They are actually very low maintenance

If you think that spy pens will need a lot of maintenance to function, you're wrong. A spy pen is durable. The micro camera rest inside the pen casing and is protected. This means that it will be able to survive collision damage from being dropped, kicked or any normal kind of wear and tear. Basically, as long as you're able to ensure that your spy pen has a good battery, then you will be able to use it for an extended period of time.

As a recap, when it comes to surveillance cameras and spy cameras the spy pen has its advantages. When it comes to secret surveillance its portability and small size is a plus. Its product performance is just as efficient and effective as alternative high end spy camera options. The cost of a spy pen is surprisingly affordable and requires very low maintenance.

In our next post we’ll dive into the variety of ways one can utilize a spy pen. Rather for professional or recreational use, a spy pen can accomplish all your surveillance needs. How many spy pen uses can you think of?

4 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend November 20 2017

Are you someone who is in a serious relationship? If you are do you believe that your girlfriend is cheating on you? If you do, you may want to proof. After all, the last thing that you want to do is be associated with a girl who likes to cheat and possibly sleep around.

SpyCrushers Helps Husband Catch Cheating Wives August 22 2017

Are you curious about what your significant other is doing when you are not around? Mike Glass of Chicago, IL was and decided to do something about it.

“The secret to catching a cheater is lots and lots of patience,” said Mike.

Mike suspected his wife was cheating on him with their neighbor but didn’t have proof.

“The circumstances were strange because what I started to believe was so out there, I sort of classified it as just a great friendship my wife was having. The person I suspected was actually my neighbor’s wife,” Mike explained. 

Mike continued by explaining that he couldn’t imagine that his wife of ten years would ever have an affair behind his back, let alone with another woman. However, after some covert spying his suspicions were confirmed. With the use of a spy pen and a pair of camera sunglasses Mike captured enough evidence to confront his wife and expose her affair.

“I purchased a SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera and a pair of SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses that I used to secretly video record her when I was away,” said Mike.

According to Mike he setup the spy camera devices inside his home. Placing them both in plain site as not to draw suspicion. After several attempts he was able to successfully video record his wife and neighbor in very compromising situations.  

“I confronted both my wife and neighbor with the video evidence I had. I also showed it to my cheating neighbor’s husband. Needless to say he wasn’t that surprised as he too suspected his wife was having an affair but he wasn’t absolutely sure, until now,” said Mike.

We spoke with SpyCrushers rep Ryan Anderson regarding their spy camera products and how the company views using their devices in situations like Mike’s.

“It is a very unpleasant and unfortunate circumstance when someone is cheating on by a loved one. Trust is violated and sometimes unrepairable. However, it is the right of the other person involved to know if they are being cheated on and having proof is important. We help people with that,” said Anderson.

SpyCrushers spy camera products can be located on Amazon when using the search word spycrushers inside any open search bar found on any Amazon webpage.

About SpyCrushers

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Using Hidden Spy Camera For Surveillance July 20 2017

Hidden spy cameras are also called "spy cams" or "nanny cams" they are mini cameras that are housed inside a product design making the camera lens undetectable. They can be attached to a shirt pocket or house plant, left stationary on top of a desk or placed night stand. Spy cams were even employed for surveillance purposes after the Sept 11th attack when terrorist struck the world trade center in New York resulting in the loss of over 2000 lives. You can find hidden cameras employed in many public places such are railway terminals, shopping malls, airport or any other public place where the activities of people are closely monitored.  In most cases, hidden spy cameras are used as a criminal deterrent and crime prevention.

Hidden cameras has been used by home owners to secure their valuable from intruders; since the cameras are not easily visible activities around the home can be watched without anyone noticing. If you have a nanny or baby sitter, you can use this types of camera to monitor them after leaving your family member and home in their care.

The development of wifi signals and remote access has made it possible for home owners to monitor activities from their office or any location with an internet connection. Hidden camera are either produced to operate with wires or without wires (wireless). Wireless ones like spy pens, clothes hook cameras and hidden camera smoke detectors and picture frames operate with batteries while the wired spy cameras are hand wire and must be connected to a power source to work.

In the event of a power outage a wireless hidden camera will continue functioning; this is the advantage it has over the wired one. Most wireless spy cams are charged using a USB outlet and run of a rechargeable battery. Operating times vary depending on the spy cam. Also, most are multifunctional, meaning it does more than record video. Many mounted and wearable spy cams also take photos and can create audio only recording.

There are laws governing the use of spy cameras, in some places they are completely banned or against the law, unless when granted permission. Before purchasing one, it is good to understand the rules and regulations regarding the use of any hidden camera or spy cam devices for surveillance purposes. Know that ignorance is not an excusable defense when breaking the law.

Spy cameras can be a worthwhile investment for those that own small business because you will be able to monitor your establishment when you are not there and it will give you peace of mind. SpyCrushers has some unique spy camera to take a look at if you are looking for one that looks like one thing but performs like a video recorder. There are 1080p spy pen cameras that can identify activities inside your bedroom or office; another is the clothes hook camera that can record employees that try to steal and their hidden camera smoke detector is another effective spy camera that is installed on the ceiling.

For keeping a continuous watch on the activities at your home or office, your best option is to have an all-inclusive spy camera. Spy cameras aid in obtaining vital information that would not be had otherwise. Recapping, know the law in your area before buying and choose a spy cam best suited for your particular circumstance.