What Makes A Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera So Amazing February 04 2014

The Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera is portable and extremely convenient to use. It can fit well in many situations and in small covert locations like in your shirt pocket. That way there is no need for you to carry a video camera around your neck with you while you are traveling. This wearable hidden digital video recorder is only the size of a normal executive ball point pen. This is precisely why it has actually gained appeal among customers making use of this gadget. It's virtually undetectable.


This spy pencam can be utilized for video recordings, taking pictures and as a PC Webcam. Individuals can now record numerous things that they want without any notice or awareness from others. For a limited time all Spycrushers hidden camera devices come with a bonus mini sd memory card. Our spy pen comes with a 8GB card for convenient media file storage and transfer

There are a large selection of pencams that you can choose from according to your very own customized requirements. Some pen cameras, like the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera have the ability of fast shoot technology. This allows the device to take 3 pictures simultaneously to make sure that a very high crystal clear photo quality can be guaranteed for the user. The spy camera pen can also be made use of as an USB drive. You can move big amounts of data to and from your pc or laptop computer effortlessly. 

These spy pens have internal lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable with an USB charger, so you can utilize them continuously without getting a brand-new battery. Their battery life is usually 1 hour long for continuous video recording with the 8GB sd card and it has the capability of taping up to 4 hours of video with an upgraded 32GB sd memory card.


Besides being a wonderful technological gizmo, pen cameras are also extremely advantageous for scouting purposes as they are tough to detect from a great distance. They can be put in places such as in a flower container covered with flowers in your very own home to keep a watch on your baby sitter or nanny without them discovering that they are being snooped on. They can also be made use of for security purposes and keep a keep an eye out at the possible unlawful activities. It is a fantastic spy device and the Central Bureau of Investigation detectives and officers can now take many benefits from this little, yet wonderful and helpful device.