Spy Pen Cameras Are Awesome March 03 2014

As you browsed online trying to find a gift idea this past holiday season for your family and friends, you saw the banners advertising the brand-new spy pen camera. Strangely enough, it captures your eye and you are wondering is this thing for real or not. And the response to your concern is yes it is very forreal and very obtainable.

Spy pen cameras used to be viewed as sci-fi fantasy. Something that you would see in a James Bond motion picture or on the back of a comic book or obscure magazine. But as we have actually seen, exactly what once was viewed to be fiction is now very real and readily available as is the case of the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera.

The Spycrushers pen camera has the appearance, feel and actually do function as a real writing pen. Your SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera has it all. Its stylish, easy to use, easy to carry and practical. Here are few features and benefits it has:

• Record Premium HD Quality Video
• Take Unlimited High Resolution Photos
• Easy USB Plug & Play for PC's & Mac's for Fast Automatic File Transfers
• NO Flashing Recording Light
• Easy Plug & Play WebCam Functionality
• Rechargeable High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
• Optional Time and Date Stamp
• Easy to Read and Follow English Operation Manual
• Replaceable Stainless Aluminum Non-Clogging Ink Cartridge
• No SD Card Adapter Needed

They are the ideal for gift giving with friends and family no matter the season. You will never be able to stop taking pleasure in being the life of the celebration. With your spy pen camera you can use it as any other pen for school, work or simply to have readily available in the house.

As the name states, the hidden camera pen is a totally practical hidden dvr camera. You can take it anywhere and be able to catch those pictures and videos that normally you might not have. Yes, with your cellular phone you can take a picture or a video if you want, but not secretly like the way you can with the best pen camera available. Besides, smartphones are all over, spy pen cameras are not. You would be just like a covert secret agent.

And that is the beauty of the spy pen. No person anticipates it and no one will be on guard when you are around. You can record the images and videos with something that most do not believe exists. With your pen camera you will have the ability to be a real James Bond if you so choose. However if you simply want to be the very first among your family and friends to have the latest and greatest gizmo, then the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera is not just for gift giving however it is for you as well.