Ways To Use A Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera May 09 2014

Here are 2 basic instructions on the best ways to use a SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera: aside from those major ones or tough ones that need a handbook, a demonstrator, or some sort of a technological assistance online or via the phone.

In knowing the standard rules and functions of a spy pen, you might actually be able to translate it to various other hidden camera devices you have.

Taking Photos
Taking photos is one of the most fundamentally understood uses of a spy pen camera. It can be positioned anywhere, often in a secure covert spot, and still can take photos of whatever is in front of it (and sometimes also around it because of the zoom in and out and turning features of the newest concealed video cameras) with a simple quick click of the button on top of the device.

Video Making
To make a video clip is also one of the most easiest and well-known functions of a spy pen camera. With spy cameras, it's almost the very same as with DSLR and digital cams. All you need to do is point the lens in the direction you want t o capture video of, press and hold the button at the top for 2-4 seconds and it automatically starts recording.