Taking Care Of A Spy Pen Camera Isn't Classified September 27 2014

SpyCrushers releases spy pen camera care suggestions and advice to help owners keep their product performing at its best. 


SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera

As explained by Product Development Manager, Michael Chu of SpyCrushers, manufacturers of the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera, customers of instruments like these can establish a long and fun product life with just a few spy pen upkeep routines and usage cautions. The following experts are but a few care and maintenance suggestions that were presented during the press conference.

Battery Life: As the usage time increases, the battery life will lessen. According to Mr. Chu, it is urged to recharge the battery to its full capacity before using after extended periods of non-active.

File Security: Like the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera such products should not be used as a concentrated storage device. No provider of such devices can guarantee the completeness and security of any created files once they are made. It is urged that owners backup any important files created onto their computer system or other personal storage device.

Video Quality: Spy Pen Cameras and other hidden monitoring devices are not pro grade video recorders or cameras. Although the SpyCrushers product carries a high resolution capability, there is no assurance that the video or photo quality will meet any particular professional grade standards.

Operating Temperature: For great performance it is strongly recommended by SpyCrushers that the tool be used only at 0-- 40° C.

Operating Humidity: Based on company recommendations it is advised that any SpyCrushers spy pen camera is not used in above normal damp settings due to the devices inability to be water resistant.

Recording: To protect the camera optics within from hard light which can harm or cause the recording device to fail, it is advised not subject any SpyCrushers spy pen camera lens directly to sun light or other strong or extreme light sources for extended periods.

Cleaning: When cleaning only use optic paper or a soft eye cloth to clean the lens. Using harsh or abrasive material to clean the lens can cause extensive damage and cause the device to malfunction.

Durability: The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Cameras like most spy camera pens are electronic products. It is not advised to use such devices around high magnetic intensities or high electric fields.