SpyCrushers Micro Digital Video Recorder, Camera & Webcam: A Journalists Best Friend February 24 2015

Becoming a sports writer is not an easy profession to get into. I decided to take it upon myself to propel my career independently. I made the effort to start a blog based on my commentary on sports events, this included videos, photos and exclusive interviews, but to protect myself against copyright infringement I needed to be able to provide my own photos and videos for the sake of my blog. I attended many events at various venues, arenas and conferences in effort to meet with the elite and to take great photos for my blog. However, I did come to a stumbling block, my high tech camera and recording devices were not permitted into various arenas or venues. I was also told I needed a photo permit to bring my equipment various sporting event and I knew getting approval at each facility was going to be time consuming and tedious.

I felt the easiest and quickest way to break into the business was to be as inconspicuous as possible with my equipment. I looked into purchasing new equipment that would not be so obvious and would be permitted by the arenas that I frequent. Through an internet search I learned about SpyCrushers devices. SpyCrushers is a company which provides a series of incognito surveillance equipment meant to record media without the knowledge of others. I felt that the SpyCrushers Micro Digital Video Recorder, Camera & Webcam would best fit my situations. This micro video camera has a reputation for recording sports events in vivid detail. I knew it would work well with my dilemma. Most of the arena and venues I frequent do not permit equipment such as 35 mm cameras or handheld digital camcorder, this particular action video camera does not fall into that category.

This 3­n­1 Digital Video Recorder, Camera & Webcam is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I simply clip it onto a lanyard and wear it around my neck to enter games or conferences. It is simple to activate and operate. It can take an unlimited amount of photos, and supports a 32GB SD Card. It also has a great battery life, and can record 90 minutes of continuous video footage.

I really appreciate the easy Plug & Play functionality for file transfers. This unique sports action camera also offers a time and date stamp to assist you on keeping your events organized. It has a JPG picture resolution of 1280 X 1024 and is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 2000/2003/ ME/ XP/Vista/XP, Mac Operating System and Linux. It is a lightweight action sports video camera that weighs 19 grams.

The SpyCrushers Micro Digital Video Recorder, Camera & Webcam is sold exclusively by SpyCrushers. It can only be found at Spycrushers.com or on Amazon.com using the keyword spycrushers in the search bar. It also comes with great accessories which include, a helmet mount bracket, triple threaded lanyard, a desktop stand and harness clip attachment for hands free recording.