Spy Pen Camera Guarantees Satisfaction Or Money Back

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SpyCrushers rep Ryan Anderson announces money back guarantee on all spy pen cameras purchased from SpyCrushers.com.



Noblesville, Indiana -- At a recent press conference held at SpyCrushers headquarters in Noblesville, IN, Ryan Anderson released a statement that guarantees a thirty day, no questions asked full refund on any SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera purchased on SpyCrushers.com if buyer is not completely satisfied with the device's functionality and performance.

"We are extremely confident in our spy pen products," said Anderson. "We work with only the most credible manufacturers and source only the highest quality, premium products to align ourselves with. We take the greatest pride in offering our customers this along with the most exceptional customer service and have built our business on this. We are prepared to honor our guarantee at any time within the designated thirty day post purchase timeframe without any form of resistance or compromise," Anderson continued.

According to the SpyCrushers 8GB Spy Pen Camera product detail page on SpyCrushers.com found here: http://spycrushers.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/spycrushers-spy-pen-camera, the spy camera device is advertised with the guarantee that Anderson proclaims. The product page also provides a detailed description of the pen camera functions and features.

When asked if many past customers have utilized the guarantee Anderson responded, "We have been selling our spy camera pen product for many years and although we have the highest standards in quality control, it is possible that perhaps a purchaser's pen camera may arrive to them damaged or defective in some way. We accept and understand that if an error is not caught and corrected in time it reflects poorly upon our business. However, we also understand and accept that our supplier may have forgotten to include a part or accessory in one of our shipments or that during shipping the contents of any given shipment can become damaged due to shipping and handling. That is why we have this guarantee in place. It not only protects us from unintentional error, but also protect our customers from any misfortunes with their purchase that are not of their own doing," Anderson concluded.

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