How To Look Like A Spy

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Here is the scenario; you have someone you need to spy on. You have purchased the latest spy gadgets, including spy pen camera, micro audio recorders, and have a night vision hidden camera sunglasses.  You are ready to go.  Aren’t you?  No!  If your spy adventure includes following someone, like a teenager who isn’t where they should be or a suspected cheating spouse, your plan will likely fall flat.  All the latest spy gadgets in the world won’t do any good if your target catches you following them.  So, how do you prevent that from happening?  You need a good spy disguise.

When it comes to spy disguises, many of us automatically think of the movies or kid’s Halloween costumes.  You don’t need a black hat, trench coat, and sunglasses to spy.  In fact, you should never wear this type of outfit.  It will only draw attention to you.  Attention is not what you need, discreteness is.

Primarily, you need new clothes.  This is a point that few amateur spies take into consideration.  Say you are following your cheating spouse.  You are three people behind him or her on a busy street.  This is risky.  Many people get that nagging feeling when they are followed.  Your husband or wife may turn around to see.  They may not notice you at first, but then spot your favorite pair of jeans.  Guess what?  You are busted.  Never wear clothes the person you are following can recognize.  Buy a new pair of jeans and a couple of shirts.  If you are spying in the winter, change your winter jacket, hats, and gloves.  Also, change accessories, such as shoes or bags.

The most important rule of choosing a spy disguise is to not give yourself away.  Opt for traditional clothes, sold in most department stores.  Nothing too stylish or extravagant.  It cannot be said enough that the key element is don’t draw attention to yourself.  You can opt for a wig but not a silly or extravagant one. Most times a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap will do the trick.  In fact, if you have yet to purchase your spy gadget, opt for a spy pen camera, hidden camera sunglasses, or any other wearable audio recorders with hidden cameras inside them.

In keeping with accessories, keep your cell phone off.  If you have kids at home with the babysitter, stop to check your messages or call to check in.  This is important when following someone close to you, like a teenage child or spouse.  If they suspect they are being followed and that it is you, they may call your cell phone to see.  You don’t want to be ten steps away and have your cell phone ring.  If it does, you are caught. 

In addition to clothes, it is important to look at your method of transportation.  You think your partner is cheating on you, but don’t know with who, where, or how.  If so, you will follow them driving.  Don’t opt for your normal car.  No matter how far back you stay, it is likely you will get caught.  If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of renting a new vehicle, ask to borrow the vehicle of a friend or family member.  Just make sure it is one your target will not recognize.

The final rule of creating a spy disguise is to never let your target see the disguise.  This is important when spying on someone who is close to you and knows you well.  Keep your disguise a secret. Put it all away in place where it will not be seen.

Now you know one of the major secrets to spying success. What kind of spy disguise would you recommend a spy wear?

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