Spy Pens And What You Need To Know

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Spy Pens And What You Need To Know

Spy pens are awesome surveillance tools, and they have specialized functions that make them almost indispensable. For those who might not be too familiar here are a few interesting facts.

Their portability is a major advantage

The portability of spy pens is actually one of their biggest advantages. Spy pens are perfect due to their mobility and this portability can also be translated as discretion. If you ever find yourself in a messy situation and you need to get some vital audio recordings, a spy pen is the best tool for you without a doubt.

They're just as effective as other surveillance options

The video quality a spy pen can produce can actually be on par with a lot of traditional high-end surveillance cameras. Spy pen video recording resolutions of 1080p HD are a common feature of today’s newer model spy pens. This proves effective in the sense that if you need quality video recordings or audio recordings but don’t want a traditional surveillance camera you can easily opt for a spy pen instead.

SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p Spy Pen Camera

They're slightly less expensive as well

Spy pens actually cost a lot less than other traditional surveillance spy cameras. Most small surveillance spy cameras can cost over $100. Spycrushers, a spy camera retailer, offers high quality 16GB 1080p HD spy pens for under $50. If you're the type of person who is budget conscious but want to ensure that you have a spy camera product that will get the job done then a SpyCrushers spy pen can provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative way to go.

They are actually very low maintenance

If you think that spy pens will need a lot of maintenance to function, you're wrong. A spy pen is durable. The micro camera rest inside the pen casing and is protected. This means that it will be able to survive collision damage from being dropped, kicked or any normal kind of wear and tear. Basically, as long as you're able to ensure that your spy pen has a good battery, then you will be able to use it for an extended period of time.

As a recap, when it comes to surveillance cameras and spy cameras the spy pen has its advantages. When it comes to secret surveillance its portability and small size is a plus. Its product performance is just as efficient and effective as alternative high end spy camera options. The cost of a spy pen is surprisingly affordable and requires very low maintenance.

In our next post we’ll dive into the variety of ways one can utilize a spy pen. Rather for professional or recreational use, a spy pen can accomplish all your surveillance needs. How many spy pen uses can you think of?

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