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Clothes Hook Camera Holiday Sale Alert November 11 2015

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera is a highly sophisticated electronic hidden camera device. Disguised as an ordinary household clothes hook it that allows users to video record and take pictures of any desired subject or occasion through a small pinhole camera lens located on the front of the device.

Perfect for students, law enforcement, teachers, reporters, onlookers, spectators and more, the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera shoots crisp, clear 1280 x 960 resolution video at 30 frames per second, compatible to other high end digital video recorders, but at a fraction of the price. It takes unlimited high resolution photos and can also function as a PC webcam for online video conferencing and video chats. With a continuous recording time of 2 hours, you’ll never miss an opportunity to get it all on video. It works with both PC’s and Macs without the need for downloading any special or required software. Using the included USB mini cable your computer will automatically recognize the spy camera when attached to it. Additionally, the USB Mini Cable allows users to easily transfer all captured images and all record media to any computer to store, review or share.  

This holiday season will start early for the clothes hook camera product as it is now available at a reduced sales price of $19.99 plus shipping. The $19.99 sales price is over a 70% savings from its $69.99 suggested retail price. Each clothes hook camera purchase comes with a 30 day money back or new replacement guarantee.

This holiday season if you are looking for the perfect gift that is something unique, useful and fun look no further than the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera.  Available now on Amazon, Ebay and the SpyCrushers website, the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera is the best hidden camera device of its kind.

Spy Cameras - How Are They Used And Why? June 17 2015

You usually only hear about spy cameras being used in the movies. However, in the real world they are used for good and bad purposes. When they are used for security they can help catch criminals. There are people who will use spy cameras for their own selfish and bad reasons that are illegal. Let me explain what I mean.

There have been many options available through the times for protecting society from people who are breaking the law. However, with the proliferation of computers, complex political and social systems and industrialization there is a greater need for a heightened level of security. The police and military will continue to protect us from the criminals and terrorists of the world.

However, there are also individuals that use other security services and private investigators to conduct their own investigations and to protect their families, properties and businesses. They use modern surveillance to help them protect what they feel strongly about. You will continue to see more and more houses that are equipped with spy cameras so that the families that live there can continue to be safe and to warn them of suspicious individuals.

Spy cameras have become a more frequent method to use when you are trying to protect your home or business. These cameras are also known as a hidden spy camera, wireless spy camera or a wireless mini spy camera. These cameras are very small and can’t usually be detected unless you know that they are there.

The police and private investigators use them to help provide them with valuable leads and information that will help them catch the people who are breaking the law. They are also used to provide the courts with hard and accurate evidence against the criminals. The video from a spy camera doesn’t lie and thus they are relied upon to help get criminals convicted. They are also great for helping to alarm us of robberies and crimes before they are actually committed.

Most of the time these cameras are used in places that require a lot of security to protect their businesses and the customers of their business. Some of these places are banks, casinos, airports (to spot any crimes of terrorism), military facilities and even ATM’s. These are just a few of the places that they are used.

They are also used in private homes to protect children and the elderly citizens. People like to know that their loved ones are being protected and not abused. So they use a spy camera to help them determine that everything is as it should be in their homes. These cameras are also called nanny spy cameras, digital spy cameras, pinhole spy cameras and wearable spy cameras. To name a few popular products would include a spy pen, the clothes hook spy camera, a car keychain spy camera and clock alarm spy camera.

There are people however that will use them for blackmail and prostitution. These are the people who are using them for illegal purposes. They are the ones that the police are trying to protect society against.

You want to make sure that you know what spy cameras are being used for and make sure that you don’t use them illegally. It is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer to find out what the laws are concerning these types of cameras.

THANK YOU! November 07 2014

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The Hidden Spy Camera All Seeing Eye November 05 2014

With the arrival of reality programs, increasingly more individuals are becoming aware of the possibility of using concealed cameras to spy on other individuals for various factors. Seeing individuals in their most vulnerable minutes can be interesting. Cam manufacturers have actually made the most of the fact that individuals want to have actually hidden spy cameras much like that of James Bond or the popular prank programs of television. This has actually since contributed to the stable rise of the hidden spy camera market.


While a lot of hidden spy cameras are made use of to record harmless tricks on video, there are other uses that are not as wholesome. Voyeurs spying on their neighbors and secretly recording other individuals having sexual intercourse shamelessly make use of hidden spy cameras. Hidden spy cameras, nevertheless, are not just for individuals with nefarious plans. Hidden spy cameras are likewise great tools to keep watch over your house and loved ones, thus giving one comfort. They can be utilized to see to it that your children are treated well by their nannies and babysitters. Additionally, they can also be made use of to capture wrongdoers or philandering partners. Hidden spy cameras are so efficient and helpful, in fact, that they are even used by law enforcement agencies, such as the police authorities and the FBI.

Strings or No Strings Attached
Hidden spy cameras can either be wireless or wired, worn or stationery. Wireless hidden spy cameras have actually concealed transmitters that send out recorded images to remote recording equipment. Wired hidden spy cameras, on the other hand, are connected to recording equipment, like VCRs and PCs with a physical transmission cable. Wireless cameras rely upon battery power, while the wired sort has the advantage of an all set power supply.A body worn spy camera is great for personal one on one inter-actions and up close surveillance. Stationery hidden spy cameras work well for long term surveillance of a particular area or event. Both has a usefulness that go beyond a standard can security camera system.

Its Hidden for a Reason
As the name recommends, hidden spy cameras are always hidden. They are generally hidden in everyday, nondescript objects, such as a spy pen camera, clothes hook camera, car keychain spy camera, teddy bear camera, as well as a plant camera.




Current breakthroughs in wireless innovation now enable hidden spy cameras to send videos in real-time. Not only can you see the action as it unfolds, you can take the necessary action. All you would require is a computer or laptop computer with Internet access to view your hidden spy cameras. You can even do online monitoring, if you wish. You can likewise establish your hidden spy cameras in such a way that they activate alarm systems to go off or send e-mails to you when suspicious activities is caught.

If you don’t have this technology, nevertheless, do not fret. Most hidden spy cameras can be established to work unattended or by motion activation. They can tape hours of video and can be connected into your VCR or PC for review. By doing this, you do not miss anything and can collect solid proof of wrongdoing.

Concealed Or Not, You Still Want the very best
There are a few things to consider when investing in hidden spy cameras. You need to take into consideration the range of the video you wish to catch. Wide- angle viewing is likewise a clever feature to think about. It allows you to see the caught video from a number of viewpoints.

For image quality, you have to consider your hidden spy cameras’ resolution. Invest in hidden spy cameras that can instantly adapt to varying lighting conditions so you can get the clearest images possible. By doing this, you don’t miss what occurs in your home or workplace when you’re away.

SpyCrushers Mini Spy Cameras: Smaller Could Be Better October 24 2014

We buy mansions with rooms that we never enter. We buy SUVs that guzzle more fuel than an armored tank. We buy pizzas big enough for use as manhole covers.If you think bigger is always better, think again.

In the industry of technology, bigger is seldom better. Modern production has focused on miniaturization. Where the first computers once crowded up a room, today's versions have shrunk to the size of a matchbox. While telephones were once machines that included two lengthy horns and a large box, today's cellular phone go inside pockets. Clearly, technology is one area where smaller is better. Enter the mini spy camera.

How Small Is Mini?
In the past, spy cameras were as big as bags. They needed to be to fit the right hardware for certain features. Today, however, more features are being crammed into tinier phones. The "mini" in mini spy camera drives at a small security camera, that includes several hidden camera types, like covert, pinhole, or spy. "Mini" does not stand for a particular size standard. Actually, today's cameras are shrinking annually, innovation by innovation. The mini spy camera may range in size from a handbag to the size of a quarter.

Fine Or Fineable?
Before you start buying a mini spy camera, check if it is legal to use one in the place you plan to put it. The general principal is that in areas where the general public expects privacy, filming is not permitted. To avoid legal problems, do your homework to learn if your proposed filming area is good to go, legally speaking.

A Mini for You.
It is always a wise idea to familiarize yourself with the endless mini spy cameras that various companies manufacture. These cameras are frequently used as a nanny cam or for hidden surveillance in a home or retail. The functions of the cameras are often for hidden or covert surveillance using video, with their size being ideal for such applications. To find the right camera you need, make a list of features that you need. Some questions you could ask yourself include:

* Do you want to make adjustment to the camera from a remote location?
* Do you require a wireless camera?
* Do you prefer to use the Internet to watch the recorded video?

From Theory to Practice.
After determining what style of mini spy camera you need, picture how you want your camera to look. Your options are limitless!

Spy Pen Camera: Never miss a chance to catch all of it on video using this small pinhole camera/DVR combo. It looks and function like a real executive style writing pen, but secretly records video and takes pictures with just a push of a button.

Clothes Hook Camera: The perfect solution for business and personal covert video surveillance. This cleverly designed secret DVR could be mounted to record on any flat wall surface and is motion activated. Records around 2 hours of video with about 15 hours of standby time on a single charge.

Car Key Chain Spy Camera: Do you desire to play James Bond for a day? This mini spy camera may look similar to a car remote with keychain, but it's as covert a means for video surveillance as they come. It is so small it can fit into a purse or pocket. The camera can store over 1000 standard-sized pictures and record right up to 60 minutes of continuous video, which could be downloaded to your PC.

SpyCrushers mini spy cameras are revolutionizing the way we gather information covertly, and if there's anything these mini spy cameras prove, it's this: sometimes, the smaller, the better.

SpyCrushers Introduces Clothes Hook Camera October 20 2014

SpyCrushers introduces the SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera at recently held press conference.

SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera

(SPYCRUSHERS.COM October 16, 2014 ) Noblesville, Indiana -- Consumer goods and electronics company Crushers Inc announced the launch of the company's latest spy cam device to its SpyCrushers line of protection & security products with the introduction of the SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera .

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera is designed and functions just like a typical looking clothes hook , but this clothes hook also houses a miniature pinhole digital video recorder that secretly records high quality 1280x960 resolution video when activated.

At a recent press conference held at Crushers, Inc corporate headquarters in Noblesville, IN, Ryan Anderson, President of Crushers, Inc claimed, "Having the ability to guard yourself and your possessions is everybody's right. Our newest spy cam product allows users to cleverly document anything they chose that might help in that regard. It's easy to install, has a two hour recording time and can be set to start manually or when motion is detected."

According to a company source the clothes hook hidden camera device features a motion activated feature that can be turned on or off depending on the users preference. The clothes hook spy camera also come equipped with a min USB Cable for easy file transfer to any PC or Mac computers. Although the clothes hook cam requires a mini SD Card to function, it is not included with purchase of the device.

A customers recent SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera product review found on Amazon read, "This works perfectly. I tested it out and it's great! I live in a sketchy area so I've put it to where I can see the door. Now I can be prepared if there's ever a break in. Great idea for parents who suspect children sneaking out. Five stars!.".

SpyCrushers product line features hidden camera devices, stun weapons, individual alarm systems, diversion safes, security gear, survival items and a lot more.

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera can be found and purchased on the company website and also on online marketplace.