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Spy Camera Buying Tips June 17 2016

Do you need a spy camera? If you suspect someone close to you is lying or participating in illegal activities, you may. Spy gadgets, such as motion sensors, hidden cameras and hidden audio recorders can help you solve this problem or validate your concern.

If this is your first time buying spy gadgets, don’t make a beginners mistake. That is buying the first product you come across. All spy gadgets are designed to accomplish the same goal, which is to spy on someone, but they aren’t all created equal. So, what are some buying tips you should know?

Know what types of spy gadgets are available for sale. As previously stated, there are many spy gadgets at your disposal. Manufactures like SpyCrushers have mastered hiding digital cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders in a wide range of products. These include clothes hooks, pens, keychains, belts, sunglasses, desktop clocks, alarm clocks, wall clocks, smoke detectors, desktop computer speakers, and more. Your buying options are unlimited. Consider your use first. For example, if looking to spy on a nanny or babysitter a motion activated clothes hook or smoke detector with built-in hidden camera are recommended.

Always read product reviews before making a purchase. Some individuals do not know that you can find product reviews online and others do not understand their importance. Product reviews can save you both time and money. Would you buy a product that has over 100 people saying it does not work? No. Find out before you buy. Even if shopping local, read product reviews. Write a list of some of the best and worst spy gadgets. You know what to avoid and what to buy.

Always ask questions before buying. Do not wait until your spy gadget arrives in the mail or until you get home to come up with a million questions. Most online retailers, at least the reputable ones, have customer service departments. Do you need help picking out a spy cam or would you like professional recommendations? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Always ask about warranties. Most new spy gadgets should come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer or retailer should disclose this warranty. If one is not available, ask why. You don’t want to be left holding the bag when your spy camera stops working after one week. Also, consider extended warranties for expensive purchases

Don’t be afraid to return a spy gadget you are disappointed with it. Here is the scenario; you buy a pen with a hidden audio and video recorder. You try out the device only to be disappointed. You can’t hear any words, as the background noise is too strong. You can barely make out the picture. In this instance, most consumers take the “oh well,” approach. Don’t. If a product does not work as described, always try to return it. If you cannot do so through the retailer, contact the manufacturer. Do not pay for a spy gadget you cannot use or one that misrepresents itself. Most retailers have a return period, like 30 days. Try your spy gadget at home right away, even if you don’t need to use it for another two weeks.

In short, a lot of focus is placed on how to use spy gadgets. Yes, it is important to know proper use and know a few helpful tips, but these tips are worthless if you purchase a poor quality spy gadget. For that reason, first concentrate on what you buy and where you buy it from. After having a quality spy gadget in your hand, take the time to familiarize yourself with proper use and helpful spy tips.

SpyCrushers Introduces Clothes Hook Camera October 20 2014

SpyCrushers introduces the SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera at recently held press conference.

SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera

(SPYCRUSHERS.COM October 16, 2014 ) Noblesville, Indiana -- Consumer goods and electronics company Crushers Inc announced the launch of the company's latest spy cam device to its SpyCrushers line of protection & security products with the introduction of the SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera .

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera is designed and functions just like a typical looking clothes hook , but this clothes hook also houses a miniature pinhole digital video recorder that secretly records high quality 1280x960 resolution video when activated.

At a recent press conference held at Crushers, Inc corporate headquarters in Noblesville, IN, Ryan Anderson, President of Crushers, Inc claimed, "Having the ability to guard yourself and your possessions is everybody's right. Our newest spy cam product allows users to cleverly document anything they chose that might help in that regard. It's easy to install, has a two hour recording time and can be set to start manually or when motion is detected."

According to a company source the clothes hook hidden camera device features a motion activated feature that can be turned on or off depending on the users preference. The clothes hook spy camera also come equipped with a min USB Cable for easy file transfer to any PC or Mac computers. Although the clothes hook cam requires a mini SD Card to function, it is not included with purchase of the device.

A customers recent SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera product review found on Amazon read, "This works perfectly. I tested it out and it's great! I live in a sketchy area so I've put it to where I can see the door. Now I can be prepared if there's ever a break in. Great idea for parents who suspect children sneaking out. Five stars!.".

SpyCrushers product line features hidden camera devices, stun weapons, individual alarm systems, diversion safes, security gear, survival items and a lot more.

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera can be found and purchased on the company website and also on online marketplace.