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How To Use A Spy Pen Camera August 22 2018

No matter whether you are monitoring the baby sitter of your children, planning to film evidence of a crime against you or anything else, using a hidden camera should be your first consideration.

This Spy Pen Camera Is Mind Splitting June 15 2018

Probably, if you have ever seen the Jason Bourne movies, you most certainly wanted to feel like a real spy. And what does any spy need? Well, it really is simple-- all kinds of spying gadgets, equipment and gizmos that will allow him to, well, spy on people. Thankfully, seeing how the market nowadays is pretty much filled with all sorts of different technological advancements, it really is no surprise that you will also be able to find a spy pen available.

That is right-- a pen camera is a genuine spy gadget that will never let you down. It is very easy to use-- it does look and feel like a real pen, but the trick is-- you will get a fully functional camera that will be capable of capturing superior quality video and images of whatever you desire, which is extremely convenient in a multitude of different situations. Therefore, in case that you are looking for a one of a kind gadget that will not let you down then a spy camera pen will be perfect for you. When it comes to portable secret spy cameras the SpyCrushers 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera is one of the most efficient choice possible-- besides, you surely deserve it!

A camera pen may prove to be incredible invaluable in a large variety of different situations and, of course, you are going to wish to make the most from it for the best price possible. Well, there are lots of different spy pens readily available on sale these days and, yet, if you are looking for something genuinely special, unique as well as original, do not hesitate to have a look at the above-mentioned solution and you will surely keep on coming back for more. The greatest thing about the SpyCrushers spy pen is that it is so simple to use, so straightforward and so genuinely effective-- you will be secretly taking pictures and video recording anything you need in no time at all. It will not cost you a small fortune and you will therefore be able to make the most from the purchase within the very least amount of time possible.

Lastly, to learn a lot more about the spy pens, how it works and just how beneficial it may well be for you. I urge you to discover the SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera. The perks of having such a pen are great and unique indeed-- it goes without saying, you most certainly deserve it, don't you?

Spy Camera Buying Tips June 17 2016

Do you need a spy camera? If you suspect someone close to you is lying or participating in illegal activities, you may. Spy gadgets, such as motion sensors, hidden cameras and hidden audio recorders can help you solve this problem or validate your concern.

If this is your first time buying spy gadgets, don’t make a beginners mistake. That is buying the first product you come across. All spy gadgets are designed to accomplish the same goal, which is to spy on someone, but they aren’t all created equal. So, what are some buying tips you should know?

Know what types of spy gadgets are available for sale. As previously stated, there are many spy gadgets at your disposal. Manufactures like SpyCrushers have mastered hiding digital cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders in a wide range of products. These include clothes hooks, pens, keychains, belts, sunglasses, desktop clocks, alarm clocks, wall clocks, smoke detectors, desktop computer speakers, and more. Your buying options are unlimited. Consider your use first. For example, if looking to spy on a nanny or babysitter a motion activated clothes hook or smoke detector with built-in hidden camera are recommended.

Always read product reviews before making a purchase. Some individuals do not know that you can find product reviews online and others do not understand their importance. Product reviews can save you both time and money. Would you buy a product that has over 100 people saying it does not work? No. Find out before you buy. Even if shopping local, read product reviews. Write a list of some of the best and worst spy gadgets. You know what to avoid and what to buy.

Always ask questions before buying. Do not wait until your spy gadget arrives in the mail or until you get home to come up with a million questions. Most online retailers, at least the reputable ones, have customer service departments. Do you need help picking out a spy cam or would you like professional recommendations? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Always ask about warranties. Most new spy gadgets should come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer or retailer should disclose this warranty. If one is not available, ask why. You don’t want to be left holding the bag when your spy camera stops working after one week. Also, consider extended warranties for expensive purchases

Don’t be afraid to return a spy gadget you are disappointed with it. Here is the scenario; you buy a pen with a hidden audio and video recorder. You try out the device only to be disappointed. You can’t hear any words, as the background noise is too strong. You can barely make out the picture. In this instance, most consumers take the “oh well,” approach. Don’t. If a product does not work as described, always try to return it. If you cannot do so through the retailer, contact the manufacturer. Do not pay for a spy gadget you cannot use or one that misrepresents itself. Most retailers have a return period, like 30 days. Try your spy gadget at home right away, even if you don’t need to use it for another two weeks.

In short, a lot of focus is placed on how to use spy gadgets. Yes, it is important to know proper use and know a few helpful tips, but these tips are worthless if you purchase a poor quality spy gadget. For that reason, first concentrate on what you buy and where you buy it from. After having a quality spy gadget in your hand, take the time to familiarize yourself with proper use and helpful spy tips.

Spy Pen Camera: Roommate Revenge March 14 2015

Having a roommate can be very difficult. Especially if you have a roommate with sticky fingers.Sometimes you lose your prized possessions and you can’t always prove that they have been stolen. You may come home and notice that your roommate is wearing your socks, or has eaten your food. It would be great if you could catch them in the act, so you don’t look like a jerk for accusing them of being a thief without evidence. Well, there is a way to prove that you are not crazy and catch your roommate’s sticky fingers red handed.

The Spy Pen by SpyCrushers is the ultimate hidden digital video recorder. This spy camera pen can be used to capture your irrefutable proof all on video. With a click of a button this pen camera secretly records superior quality video, and takes high resolution photos. The video is HD 720p at a high 30 FPS of AVI format. It can be placed in plain view anywhere in your apartment or dorm without arousing suspicion. There are no blinking recording lights to give your secret away. It has the appearance of a typical everyday ink pen and it writes like a typical pen as well.

This camera pen is easily setup with an USB plug and play for PC’s & Mac with an automatic file transfer. Once your footage is collected, transfer it from your camera pen to your computer and organize, review or share your video and photos. It works well with popular operating systems such as Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The spy camera comes with all the needed accessories such as a Mini USB Cable, depending on which model is purchased a 4GB Micro SD or a 8GB Micro SD Card, one ink cartridge in black, and the operation manual which is emailed to you after the purchase or available for download 24/7 on Neither SD Card require a card reader or formatting. If you require a product demonstration of the setup you can check out a video on the official SpyCrushers YouTube channel or watch it on SpyCrushers website.

I would suggest purchasing one Spy Pen to cover each room. It can be placed on a desk, countertop, or entertainment set. After a full charge the device will capture the moments when you are not physically in the room up to a full hour. You will be able to catch the thief red handed with inclusive assurance. This is a totally fool proof plan unless, your thief decides to steal your pens too.

The Spycrusher Spy Camera Pen can be purchased on Amazon at or on the SpyCrushers website with other great SpyCrushers devices. Every device is checked for quality and functionality before being shipped to customers. However, it is reassuring that if buyers are not completely satisfied there is a full refund or new replacement guarantee for 30 days with proof of purchase.

SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera: A Perfect Secret Solution February 11 2015

As a retail evaluator/secret shopper my job is to enter various establishments and evaluate the service as inconspicuously as possible. I survey how the facility looks, the quality of the service, and if management is following protocol. But since my job requires me to be as discreet as possible, walking around the property with pen and paper in hand would give the staff an inkling that they are being evaluated. So I decided to rely on implementing a very inconspicuous tool to assist me with my assignments.

Affordable Devices That Were On Everyone's Wish List January 08 2015

It should not come as a shock that consumer investing in personal electronics is at an all time high. After all, gadgets are now both cooler as well as much more affordable. The gadget viewed as luxurious only a few years back is a must-have today. Right here's an overview of several of the customer electronic devices that were possibly on everybody's wish list this year.

Sport Action Video Camera

In today's digital age, big video cameras are an anachronism. Although a few years ago, specialists in the technology pegged the small digital video camera as a computer peripheral rather than as a customer product, the sports action camera has caught on like wildfire. And, why not? Nevertheless, a micro camera gives the amateur film maker basically limitless possibilities to catch video & images, review them, and know immediately whether or not he or she capture the desired shot. With alternatives varying from point-and-shoot to helmet attachments, action sports video cameras have something for every person. The more recent models like the SpyCrushers Micro DVR, Camera & Webcam has the ability to record high quality video clips and photos as well as easily upload it to preferred websites like YouTube.

GPS Receivers

GPS represents Global Positioning System, and includes a number of satellites in the Earth's orbit. A GPS receiver takes the information from the satellites to establish your latitude and longitude on the Earth's surface area. Map overlays and also other data can provide the individual with valuable details, such as driving directions, the areas of nearby shops, banks, and also gasoline stations, and so forth. GPS receivers are additionally incredibly prominent for the reasonably new sport of geo-caching, where they are made use of to find containers concealed at particular longitudes as well as latitudes.

Video Gaming Consoles

When it comes to computer games, the numbers are amazing. The computer game market brings in even more money each year then the motion picture industry. It's not surprising that video gaming consoles are some of the trendiest assets around. The PlayStation 2 is still going solid, while the Xbox 360 made pass it with the stupendous success of the recently released Halo 3 video game.

However, possibly the most cutting edge console of all is the Wii console. With the Wii, video gaming is no more passive. The controllers and nunchuk permits gamers to literally become part of the action, and the Wii console invites gamers right into an online area where they can build their very own avatars, take part in questionnaires and a lot more. And also, the Wii is a completely practical Web browser!

Spy Gear

With the introduction of reality programs and prank shows, an increasing number of people are interested in using hidden cameras and hidden recorders to spy and listen in on other people for different reasons. Spying on individuals in their most unguarded moments can be interesting. Electronic manufacturers have actually discovered through market research that people would like to have concealed spy equipment similar to that of James Bond or the popular practical joke programs on TV. This has contributed to the steady rise of the hidden spy equipment market. Covertly disguise audio and also video recording gadgets like a pen camera, hidden voice recorder, clothes hook camera and so on are becoming preferred secret security items.

Cellphones Accessories

It's an exaggeration to state that cellphones are omnipresent. Whether you're on the bus, in a book shop, or driving in an automobile, possibilities excel that you are either talking on a cell phone or hearing a person's conversation. Now that we're always in contact, devices like a Bluetooth headset are practically a necessity. Wireless connectivity is much safer as well as a lot more hassle-free. Not to mention, a Bluetooth headset is now considered a style accessory.

Online Purchasing

The very best information about personal electronic devices is that, whether you're looking for a sports action camera or a printer, you can buy it online with a couple of clicks of your mouse. There are fantastic one-stop online electronic devices shops like Amazon and Ebay that carry every little thing you could possibly long for at extremely economical prices. The only concern that continues to be is, what new essential tool will hit the stores next?

Taking Care Of A Spy Pen Camera Isn't Classified September 27 2014

SpyCrushers releases spy pen camera care suggestions and advice to help owners keep their product performing at its best. 


SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera

As explained by Product Development Manager, Michael Chu of SpyCrushers, manufacturers of the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera, customers of instruments like these can establish a long and fun product life with just a few spy pen upkeep routines and usage cautions. The following experts are but a few care and maintenance suggestions that were presented during the press conference.

Battery Life: As the usage time increases, the battery life will lessen. According to Mr. Chu, it is urged to recharge the battery to its full capacity before using after extended periods of non-active.

File Security: Like the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera such products should not be used as a concentrated storage device. No provider of such devices can guarantee the completeness and security of any created files once they are made. It is urged that owners backup any important files created onto their computer system or other personal storage device.

Video Quality: Spy Pen Cameras and other hidden monitoring devices are not pro grade video recorders or cameras. Although the SpyCrushers product carries a high resolution capability, there is no assurance that the video or photo quality will meet any particular professional grade standards.

Operating Temperature: For great performance it is strongly recommended by SpyCrushers that the tool be used only at 0-- 40° C.

Operating Humidity: Based on company recommendations it is advised that any SpyCrushers spy pen camera is not used in above normal damp settings due to the devices inability to be water resistant.

Recording: To protect the camera optics within from hard light which can harm or cause the recording device to fail, it is advised not subject any SpyCrushers spy pen camera lens directly to sun light or other strong or extreme light sources for extended periods.

Cleaning: When cleaning only use optic paper or a soft eye cloth to clean the lens. Using harsh or abrasive material to clean the lens can cause extensive damage and cause the device to malfunction.

Durability: The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Cameras like most spy camera pens are electronic products. It is not advised to use such devices around high magnetic intensities or high electric fields.

Spy Pen Camera- Everyone Should Own One April 26 2014

If you search and browse these days, you will certainly see all sort of cell phones, laptops and tablet computers everywhere. Every person it appears has one nowadays. If you do not have one your pals and colleagues will certainly take a look at you oddly like you are stuck in the past. However, if you pull out a spy pen, your good friends will still probably have a look at you oddly as to say, "What is that?", but what you probably don’t realize is that these spy pen cameras are everywhere also.


Spy pens are virtually everywhere these days just like laptop computers and mobile phones are. Yet the difference is that a spy pen camera is not widely known by the general public and therefore is looked upon as some type of novelty item. Although this may be the case I assure you pen cameras are far from a
novelty item and are in use by tens of thousands of people everyday. It’s true a camera pen is not an item you would find offered for sale at your local Wal-Mart, that's for sure. In order to find one of these type of devices you need to either get one out of at Spy Store, online on sites like Amazon, Ebay or Spycrushers or you need to chat with individuals who possess or have actually owned a pen camera to find out about them.

Like I said, looking online on websites such as Amazon, EBay or SpyCrushers and you will find hidden video camera pens and other hidden camera devices conveniently offered. Even though they are readily offered on these websites there are not a lot of individuals who understand that. The general public's perception of a pen camera is it is more like something from a Star Trek episode or a James Bond movie. These video recording and photo taking gadgets are not as sci-fi or strange as one would assume and are offered for one and all to have.

I’ve seen spy pens available at electronic specialty shops like Radio Shack and Brookstone too. You can sometimes find them in the electronic devices section or department close to the DVD area. You probably have seen one and ignored it thinking it’s only a specialty pen used to write with, but what you failed to realize is that those specialty writing pens are the spy pen video cameras.

Spy pen camera are made to look and function like a typical writing pen yet they can take crystal clear images and videos similar to, and in many cases, even better than your smart phone can. You see, spy pens are everywhere, you just never ever realized it.

Now that you do, find one online line and use it yourself. Like other pen camera owners you’ll be amazed at what it can do, the fun and possibilities are endless. What would you do with a spy pen camera in your hands?

Spy Pen Cameras Are Awesome March 03 2014

As you browsed online trying to find a gift idea this past holiday season for your family and friends, you saw the banners advertising the brand-new spy pen camera. Strangely enough, it captures your eye and you are wondering is this thing for real or not. And the response to your concern is yes it is very forreal and very obtainable.

Spy pen cameras used to be viewed as sci-fi fantasy. Something that you would see in a James Bond motion picture or on the back of a comic book or obscure magazine. But as we have actually seen, exactly what once was viewed to be fiction is now very real and readily available as is the case of the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera.

The Spycrushers pen camera has the appearance, feel and actually do function as a real writing pen. Your SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera has it all. Its stylish, easy to use, easy to carry and practical. Here are few features and benefits it has:

• Record Premium HD Quality Video
• Take Unlimited High Resolution Photos
• Easy USB Plug & Play for PC's & Mac's for Fast Automatic File Transfers
• NO Flashing Recording Light
• Easy Plug & Play WebCam Functionality
• Rechargeable High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
• Optional Time and Date Stamp
• Easy to Read and Follow English Operation Manual
• Replaceable Stainless Aluminum Non-Clogging Ink Cartridge
• No SD Card Adapter Needed

They are the ideal for gift giving with friends and family no matter the season. You will never be able to stop taking pleasure in being the life of the celebration. With your spy pen camera you can use it as any other pen for school, work or simply to have readily available in the house.

As the name states, the hidden camera pen is a totally practical hidden dvr camera. You can take it anywhere and be able to catch those pictures and videos that normally you might not have. Yes, with your cellular phone you can take a picture or a video if you want, but not secretly like the way you can with the best pen camera available. Besides, smartphones are all over, spy pen cameras are not. You would be just like a covert secret agent.

And that is the beauty of the spy pen. No person anticipates it and no one will be on guard when you are around. You can record the images and videos with something that most do not believe exists. With your pen camera you will have the ability to be a real James Bond if you so choose. However if you simply want to be the very first among your family and friends to have the latest and greatest gizmo, then the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera is not just for gift giving however it is for you as well.

What Makes A Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera So Amazing February 04 2014

The Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera is portable and extremely convenient to use. It can fit well in many situations and in small covert locations like in your shirt pocket. That way there is no need for you to carry a video camera around your neck with you while you are traveling. This wearable hidden digital video recorder is only the size of a normal executive ball point pen. This is precisely why it has actually gained appeal among customers making use of this gadget. It's virtually undetectable.


This spy pencam can be utilized for video recordings, taking pictures and as a PC Webcam. Individuals can now record numerous things that they want without any notice or awareness from others. For a limited time all Spycrushers hidden camera devices come with a bonus mini sd memory card. Our spy pen comes with a 8GB card for convenient media file storage and transfer

There are a large selection of pencams that you can choose from according to your very own customized requirements. Some pen cameras, like the Spycrushers Spy Pen Camera have the ability of fast shoot technology. This allows the device to take 3 pictures simultaneously to make sure that a very high crystal clear photo quality can be guaranteed for the user. The spy camera pen can also be made use of as an USB drive. You can move big amounts of data to and from your pc or laptop computer effortlessly. 

These spy pens have internal lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable with an USB charger, so you can utilize them continuously without getting a brand-new battery. Their battery life is usually 1 hour long for continuous video recording with the 8GB sd card and it has the capability of taping up to 4 hours of video with an upgraded 32GB sd memory card.


Besides being a wonderful technological gizmo, pen cameras are also extremely advantageous for scouting purposes as they are tough to detect from a great distance. They can be put in places such as in a flower container covered with flowers in your very own home to keep a watch on your baby sitter or nanny without them discovering that they are being snooped on. They can also be made use of for security purposes and keep a keep an eye out at the possible unlawful activities. It is a fantastic spy device and the Central Bureau of Investigation detectives and officers can now take many benefits from this little, yet wonderful and helpful device.