Why Choose A Spy Camera Over A Security Camera? April 20 2017

People assume security cameras & spy cameras are the same. Spy cameras can be security cameras, but security cameras are not spy cameras. Let me explain why.

Like I said, a spy camera is in fact safety and security video camera. This is true since both share the exact same security and safety operational features like recording video as well as taking photos.

Security cameras generally have AV or BNC cables which allow them to just be connected to a TV or video monitor. However, to in order to do so one may have to purchase a media converter. Additionally, through various programs and computer operating systems features any PC or Mac could also allow users to view any recorded media files.

In comparison, spy cameras have a major benefit over most security cameras. Spy cameras can perform the same tasks security cameras can, but can be purchased wired or wireless. Most security cameras require wired installation in order to work. The primary interface when using a spy camera is a USB connection which exists in all computer systems as well as is now being commonly featured in TV’s and gaming systems.

Wireless functionality is a big plus as it allows people to place a spy camera anywhere without the appearance of cables giving it away. This is something that several CCTV security video cams do not have.

Another vital benefit of spy cameras is that they are covert and unnoticeable.  Besides, the reward of protecting yourself, belongings or loved ones, owners also covertly record the all the negative activity as it happens without the suspect knowing or being alerted. The difficulty with security cameras is they’re always in plain sight. When perpetrators see that you have installed a security camera, they act regular or hide their intentions if they feel they are being watched. By eliminating the security camera and replacing it with a hidden spy camera, owners will be able to witness everything that goes on when away. To be able to secretly record any activity when away puts the power back your hands. You will know exactly what goes on and what happens without anyone knowing what you are up to.  

Spycrusher Spy Cameras

One downside with safety and security cameras is that they generally require costly storage media and products. A few pricy items may include dvr machines and packaged recordable disc or tapes. A spy camera on the other hand, allows you to store all recorded media on micro sd cards that owners can easily view, transfer or deleted any media that is captured. This save money and time. Micro SD Cards are available from 2GB up to 1TB in size. It all depends on the spy camera you have and the capacity storage level it allows for.

Depending on the situation, in our opinion spy cameras can be better buy to security video cameras. In comparison to a full set of home security cameras, spy cameras prices are incredibly budget-friendly and you could use them anywhere. If you are looking to add more safety and security in your life consider buying a spy camera.

Lastly, although most spy cameras are easy to setup and use, for some a spy camera can be intimidating. Especially when operating one for the first time. We have all had to start somewhere, so do not beat yourself up if you do not successfully operate it on your first try.  SpyCrushers staff are experts in everything spy camera. If you are having trouble operating your device we have several operation manual or support contact info on our website you can use to get help.