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Spy Cameras Have Never Been So Easy To Use June 14 2017

Although spy cameras arrived on the scene decades ago, using one for surveillance or security purposes has never been easier. Initially, use of spy cameras were mostly confined to government departments, particularly the CIA. However, of late, many other government departments, including the FBI  as well as the general public have successfully been employing spy cameras for personal and professional needs. Spy cameras are the easiest to use when it comes to surveillance equipment. Even though there are hidden cameras in the marketplace that still often need to be connected to a VCR or a DVR in order to record whatever is seen by the camera in this article we'll discuss the all-in one spy camera and its benefits.

Most spy cameras products have a built-in DVR for recording. All media record is stored onto a helpful Micro SD Card. Micro SD Card are sold in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2GB up to 328GB.

A spy camera product is often small and portable. Most can be placed or stationed any place. Operating a spy cameras can be easy as well. In most cases, after a user has connected it to a power supply and fully charged the device all that’s left is to point the camera in the desired direction and press the record, start or power button to turn the device on and start recording video. Whether done by remote control or manually, operation is a very simple step.

The whole idea behind a spy camera is placing a tiny pinhole camera inside something that seemingly looks and works like a common object, and that other people would never suspicious of or give a second thought to. The video obtained from the camera can be used to confirm suspicions or to actually catch people in the act of immoral or illegal activities.

Until almost five years ago it was necessary to have a separate devices in order to secretly record video. In the absence of a DVR, everything would take place in real-time, meaning one would see only what the camera would see. Because so much extra added equipment was needed the handling and setup of hidden spy cameras was a difficult task for those looking to use it. Perhaps, that's why such cameras were mostly used by government employees.

Subsequently, as a consequence of technical developments, especially in the field of electronics, the size of most spy cameras are now miniaturized and the DVR itself is now incorporated within the spy camera. Now spy camera users can record all their surveillance using only one item.

Present-day spy cameras are created and sold as a single unit with all the needed built-in features, causing a revolution in this industry. Apart from the convenience of use, their operation has become very economical because they don't require a separate DVR. This is a big plus point for these cameras.

Spy cameras now make the perfect device for discouraging intruders from entering your home or workplace uninvited. Therefore, it's important to choose one of the best spy cameras available and provide protection and security for you and your family. For keeping a continuous watch on affairs at your office or home, your best option is to have an all-inclusive spy camera with DVR.

For more information on spy cameras or help with buying a spy camera product to best suit your needs the experts behind the spy gear brand Spycrushers can assist. Contacting them is easy. Send a message to their professional staff using the contact page on their SpyCrushers website.

Spy Camera Selling May 23 2017

Are you considering selling spy cameras in your online home based business, but unsure about which technology features to look out for? There are a considerable amount of different covert cameras on the market, and it can seem more than a little bewildering when it pertains to deciding which ones are your best choice for resale. A good unwritten rule is to begin by deciding which particular market you want to target. For instance, do you intend to mainly pursue the private investigation trade, or are you more considering selling hidden cameras for home security use, or perhaps even to nature enthusiasts who wishes to covertly observe wildlife? The intended application for a spy camera will largely determine which section of a target market of consumers you will concentrate on and which kind of camera features to watch for. Let's take a look at a portion of the technological features of various types of spy cameras, coupled with which types of consumers would be likely potential customers for each.

Spycrushers Spy Camera Gear

Weatherproof Hidden Camera: This type will withstand exposure to the elements and is ideally suited for outdoor use. Who would be a likely prospective buyer for a weatherproof spy camera? Birdwatchers or nature lovers who want to see hatching eggs or animals at feeding time and things of that sort. This would also be a good choice for someone who would like to monitor activity outside their home or business.

Spy Camera Disguised as Another thing: A spy camera disguised as a button, sunglasses or an ink pen would be a great choice for private investigators or anyone who wanted surveillance of a meeting without the other party knowing of it.

Night Vision: This would again be a perfect choice for an outdoor security camera when activity was under surveillance 24/7. If the camera didn't have night vision, it wouldn't be much use after dark.

Removable or Built-In Memory: As a rule of thumb, almost any projected use of a spy camera would be better off with removable memory for the basic reason that the SD memory card can be removed and replaced with a fresh card when one was full. Removable memory would be a good choice for those who want to keep and secure the surveillance results.

Resolution of Sensor: If a very sharp, crisp picture is desired, resolution of the sensor in the spy camera is of primary importance. A hidden cameras with high resolution are the way to go for private detectives who want a clear, easily recognizable and identifiable picture of someone they have under surveillance. Nature lovers might also want high resolution to capture their habitat with clarity.

Focal Length: Basically, focal length of a spy camera refers to its magnification and compression of a scene or subject. Spy cameras with a greater focal length will have greater magnification of a scene but a more narrow angle. This style of spy cam, with a longer focal length, would be recommended for someone who was watching a nest of owl eggs hatch or something along that line. This would magnify but would only involve a narrow angle of the nest itself. Those who need a wider angle surveillance might not be good candidates for longer focal length spy cameras.

You can sell all types of spy cameras in your online home based business, or drill down within the niche to develop a lucrative sub-niche such as one particular type of camera with special technology. Whichever route you decide to take, you are guaranteed to find a fantastic selection of first class, technologically advanced spy cameras at affordable wholesale prices easily available from Spycrushers.

Why Choose A Spy Camera Over A Security Camera? April 20 2017

People assume security cameras & spy cameras are the same. Spy cameras can be security cameras, but security cameras are not spy cameras. Let me explain why.

Like I said, a spy camera is in fact safety and security video camera. This is true since both share the exact same security and safety operational features like recording video as well as taking photos.

Security cameras generally have AV or BNC cables which allow them to just be connected to a TV or video monitor. However, to in order to do so one may have to purchase a media converter. Additionally, through various programs and computer operating systems features any PC or Mac could also allow users to view any recorded media files.

In comparison, spy cameras have a major benefit over most security cameras. Spy cameras can perform the same tasks security cameras can, but can be purchased wired or wireless. Most security cameras require wired installation in order to work. The primary interface when using a spy camera is a USB connection which exists in all computer systems as well as is now being commonly featured in TV’s and gaming systems.

Wireless functionality is a big plus as it allows people to place a spy camera anywhere without the appearance of cables giving it away. This is something that several CCTV security video cams do not have.

Another vital benefit of spy cameras is that they are covert and unnoticeable.  Besides, the reward of protecting yourself, belongings or loved ones, owners also covertly record the all the negative activity as it happens without the suspect knowing or being alerted. The difficulty with security cameras is they’re always in plain sight. When perpetrators see that you have installed a security camera, they act regular or hide their intentions if they feel they are being watched. By eliminating the security camera and replacing it with a hidden spy camera, owners will be able to witness everything that goes on when away. To be able to secretly record any activity when away puts the power back your hands. You will know exactly what goes on and what happens without anyone knowing what you are up to.  

Spycrusher Spy Cameras

One downside with safety and security cameras is that they generally require costly storage media and products. A few pricy items may include dvr machines and packaged recordable disc or tapes. A spy camera on the other hand, allows you to store all recorded media on micro sd cards that owners can easily view, transfer or deleted any media that is captured. This save money and time. Micro SD Cards are available from 2GB up to 1TB in size. It all depends on the spy camera you have and the capacity storage level it allows for.

Depending on the situation, in our opinion spy cameras can be better buy to security video cameras. In comparison to a full set of home security cameras, spy cameras prices are incredibly budget-friendly and you could use them anywhere. If you are looking to add more safety and security in your life consider buying a spy camera.

Lastly, although most spy cameras are easy to setup and use, for some a spy camera can be intimidating. Especially when operating one for the first time. We have all had to start somewhere, so do not beat yourself up if you do not successfully operate it on your first try.  SpyCrushers staff are experts in everything spy camera. If you are having trouble operating your device we have several operation manual or support contact info on our website you can use to get help.

Buying A Spy Camera Online March 15 2017

If you want to purchase a spy camera, for whatever the reason, you are most likely to count on the web. On the internet buying is simple and also hassle-free. However, you will certainly quickly discover that you have several alternatives. Thousands of sellers market spy devices and also there are hundreds of items to select from. Exactly what should you do?

When purchasing online you have 2 major alternatives. First investigating various spy camera products and then afterwards purchasing one. The 2nd choice is easy if you currently understand just what you are seeking. If so, you could begin shopping as soon as possible.

If you are brand-new to acquiring spy cameras, you may wish to do study a little about it initially. A fantastic website to do this is with is Amazon. markets and sells spy cameras and permit customers to price and also evaluate the product performance in the form of a product review. When it comes to assessing a variety of products and sellers you are most likely to obtain the best research info from Amazon's online marketplace. As an example, SpyCrushers sells a pair of spy glasses on Amazon that are under $30. I'm sure for whatever reason it has it benefits and drawbacks which you could readily read about on its product page in the review section. The greatest pro is that it is very easy to operate which is fantastic for those not familiar with modern high quality surveillance technology. The largest problem was that the purchase does not include a micro sd card which is needed in order for the spy glasses to work.

spy glasses

Along with reading posted product reviews, it is necessary to acquaint on your own with every one of the spy cameras offered. You may recognize that you desire a covert video camera, however exactly what kind? Do you understand that you have plenty of variety and alternatives to choose from?  Everything from a hidden camera clock, spy pen or keychain camera to a smoke detector camera or photo frame camera. If this is your very first time purchasing a spy camera product, recognize just what is offered prior to you make your choice. Doing so enables you to pick the spy camera that ideally fits your requirements, whether it be for a serious surveillance function or just for fun and laughs .

As soon as you have actually chosen exactly what kind of spy camera you wish to buy, like a Smiley Face Button Spy Camera or a concealed video recorder inside a pen camera, it is time now to make your purchase with confidence. As specified earlier in this article you could purchase a spy camera as well as read product reviews review on Amazon. However, even after reading reviews it does not absolutely mean you have to buy your spy camera from Amazon's website. To find other platforms or sellers outside of Amazon you need only perform an internet search using the word or phrase of the product you are interested in purchasing , such as spy pen, hidden camera smoke detector or spy glasses. 

Your typical online search will produce a variety of outcomes. These will certainly be businesses and sellers marketing and selling spy cameras. Feel free to write down the sellers name, web address, pricing and any other pertinent information you may want to consider before making a purchase. When completed, check out your notes. Since spy cameras of all types can range in price and performance it is best to choose the one product that best suits your needs and is affordable.  

Once you know the purpose your spy camera will be used for like snooping on your spouse or spying on an employee which you think may be ripping you off, make your decision and buy. As a word of caution,, when making the purchase it is advised not to use joint credit cards or bank cards to do so, nor have the spy camera delivered to your home or business unless you are sure the delivery will not expose what you are planning.

Lastly, do not hesitate to return an item. Whether you purchase a spy camera for someone else to enjoy with in your home or if you intend to use it to resolve an ongoing issue, make sure you are satisfied with its performance and it is returnable if you are not. If the video is not clear enough or not satisfactory or the audio is too low and choppy, return it for a refund or new replacement. Theris no reason whatsoever to buy any knid of spy camera only to use it as a paper weight. 

Spy Camera Buying Tips June 17 2016

Do you need a spy camera? If you suspect someone close to you is lying or participating in illegal activities, you may. Spy gadgets, such as motion sensors, hidden cameras and hidden audio recorders can help you solve this problem or validate your concern.

If this is your first time buying spy gadgets, don’t make a beginners mistake. That is buying the first product you come across. All spy gadgets are designed to accomplish the same goal, which is to spy on someone, but they aren’t all created equal. So, what are some buying tips you should know?

Know what types of spy gadgets are available for sale. As previously stated, there are many spy gadgets at your disposal. Manufactures like SpyCrushers have mastered hiding digital cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders in a wide range of products. These include clothes hooks, pens, keychains, belts, sunglasses, desktop clocks, alarm clocks, wall clocks, smoke detectors, desktop computer speakers, and more. Your buying options are unlimited. Consider your use first. For example, if looking to spy on a nanny or babysitter a motion activated clothes hook or smoke detector with built-in hidden camera are recommended.

Always read product reviews before making a purchase. Some individuals do not know that you can find product reviews online and others do not understand their importance. Product reviews can save you both time and money. Would you buy a product that has over 100 people saying it does not work? No. Find out before you buy. Even if shopping local, read product reviews. Write a list of some of the best and worst spy gadgets. You know what to avoid and what to buy.

Always ask questions before buying. Do not wait until your spy gadget arrives in the mail or until you get home to come up with a million questions. Most online retailers, at least the reputable ones, have customer service departments. Do you need help picking out a spy cam or would you like professional recommendations? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Always ask about warranties. Most new spy gadgets should come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer or retailer should disclose this warranty. If one is not available, ask why. You don’t want to be left holding the bag when your spy camera stops working after one week. Also, consider extended warranties for expensive purchases

Don’t be afraid to return a spy gadget you are disappointed with it. Here is the scenario; you buy a pen with a hidden audio and video recorder. You try out the device only to be disappointed. You can’t hear any words, as the background noise is too strong. You can barely make out the picture. In this instance, most consumers take the “oh well,” approach. Don’t. If a product does not work as described, always try to return it. If you cannot do so through the retailer, contact the manufacturer. Do not pay for a spy gadget you cannot use or one that misrepresents itself. Most retailers have a return period, like 30 days. Try your spy gadget at home right away, even if you don’t need to use it for another two weeks.

In short, a lot of focus is placed on how to use spy gadgets. Yes, it is important to know proper use and know a few helpful tips, but these tips are worthless if you purchase a poor quality spy gadget. For that reason, first concentrate on what you buy and where you buy it from. After having a quality spy gadget in your hand, take the time to familiarize yourself with proper use and helpful spy tips.

How to Spy on a Babysitter or Nanny March 15 2016

You find a bruise on your child or they have been dropping hints that their nanny or babysitter is causing them harm.  What should you?  If you suspect that your child’s life is in danger, take action immediately.  This should involve firing your nanny or babysitter.  Next, talk to your child.  Children old enough to explain abuse will, as long as they know it is wrong.  If you just have a nagging feeling, but no proof, you can spy on your nanny or babysitter.  You can use a number of spy gadgets.  What are they?

A nanny camera.  Hidden cameras marketed as nanny cams are just like traditional hidden cameras.  The difference is they tend to have a kid’s theme.  Since the individual in question is babysitting, no suspicion is aroused.  It is common to find nanny cams inside baby monitors, stuffed animals, picture frames, clothes hook camera, clocks, and pillows.  Most nanny cams record to a built-in hard drives, external micro sd cards while others are equipped with wifi remote viewing.

A remote accessed webcam.  Do you have a computer placed in the room that your child spends most of their time in?  If so, use a webcam that can be accessed and viewed from a remote location.  Many modern webcams now have these features.  For that reason, check your computer’s camera before buying new.  Even if your nanny spends time with your child in other rooms there are still benefits to using this device.  It should be able to pick-up audio, especially screaming from a nearby room.

Hidden audio recorders.  Hidden audio recorders also come in a number of formats.  They can be installed in most household devices, such as air fresheners, stuffed animals, and pens and usb flash drives.  If you have the money, buy the above mentioned nanny cam.  Most provide users with both video and sound.  A cheaper alternative is to use a baby monitor.  You are not home to listen, but hide a micro digital video recorder near the baby monitor.  Your nanny will think nothing of seeing a baby monitor on the table, after all, you are a parent.  However, what they will not know is that there is also a video recording device nearby.

In addition to using the above mentioned devices, there are other steps you can take to spy on a nanny or babysitter.  One of those involves coming home early.  Your babysitter knows you arrive home each afternoon at 6:00pm.  Leave work early and arrive home unexpectantly at 5pm. Access the situation. What was your nanny or babysitter doing?  Was she near your child?  Is your child in distress?  If you cannot leave work early, enlist the help of a friend or family member.  In fact, this also allows you to test your provider’s ability to care for your child.  Did they let a stranger inside the house?

When using spy gadgets to spy on a nanny or babysitter, always consider state laws.  Usually, there are exceptions for nanny cams, especially if you suspect danger.  Moreover, if your child is cared for in your home, it is your personal right to install a camera or audio recorder.  Do avoid private areas like the bathroom.  In their own home, your paid provider has the right to expect privacy, but not on the job and in yours.

In short, if you know your babysitter or nanny is causing your child harm, take action immediately.  Do not wait until you get proof on camera.  If you just have that nagging feeling use some of the above mentioned tools.  They always say a mother’s first instinct is right.

What to Consider When Buying Spear Gear Online November 17 2015

Here is the scenario; you think that your spouse is cheating on you or that your neighbor is illegally entering your home when you are at work.  What can you do?  Your first thought may be to let the accusations fly, but there are many risks.  You cannot and should not outright accuse a person of something deceitful or illegal without proof.  Therefore, you need to get that proof.  You may turn to the internet to find and buy spy tools.  Before doing so, know how to choose the best seller.

Wait!  How to choose the best retailer?  Yes.  A lot of focus is placed on the products we buy, but not where we buy them.  This is a mistake.  To ensure you get a quality, long-lasting product for a good price, choose the best retailer.  How do you find them online?

The easiest way to find online retailers that sell spy gadgets is to perform a standard internet search.  If you already know what you want, such as a spy camera pen, search for that product using that search phrase.  If not, opt for a generalized phrase, such as “spy gear, spycrushers or something spy related.”  Review all retailers.  Get an idea of what is available for sale from each seller.

Now that you know what your buying options are, what should you look for in a quality retailer?

Warranties.  All products sold new should come with a warranty.  Most will be a manufacturer’s warranty.  Make sure this is available.  Nothing is worse than buying a spy pen only to have it stop working after 3 months.  Manufacturer warranties tend to expire after 1 year.  For large expensive purchases, such as $300 night vision goggles, look for retailers with affordable extended warranties.

Low prices.  Low prices are important because spying is often done on impulse.  For example, a husband does something to make their wife believe they are cheating, and vice-versa.  Rarely is spying planned months in advance.  If you are on a budget, you may not have money lying around to buy a pair of $300 night vision goggles.  Even if you do, why pay more than you need to?  Find an online retailer that has affordable prices and great sales on all spy gadgets.

High quality products.  Amazon is a great website to read product reviews.  Search for spy gadgets and you will see that some products get high ratings.  You should always read reviews first, but opt for a spy gadget retailer that only sells high quality products.  These are products with good reviews and good reputations.  A good way to tell if a retailer sells high quality products is to look for a sample list of their clients.  Does that list include government officials, private investigators, or other well-known companies?  If so, you know these products will work and well. There are several Amazon sellers of spy gear, like SpyCrushers, Spymen and Brickhouse to name a few.

Customer service.  Most reputable online retailers should have a customer service department.  This department, should one exist, is listed on their main website.  Do business with a retailer that has a helpful staff.  Whether it is by email or phone, ensure you can get buying tips, product recommendations, technical support, and so forth.

Return policy.  Never buy any type of product, including spy gadgets, without knowing a retailer’s return policy.  Some retailers do not even have a set plan in place.  Always shop with one that does.  Review the return policy ahead of time.  For example, if a return is required within 7 days of receiving the item, take it for a test drive.  Even if you do not need to use device for another two weeks, your window of opportunity for a valid return may have passed.  Do not let this happen.

In short, many online retailers sell spy gadgets.  Don’t just review the products you buy, but the retailers you shop with.  By opting for a good retailer with low prices, a good return policy, good customer service and high quality products, your spying experience will be pleasant.

Clothes Hook Camera Holiday Sale Alert November 11 2015

The SpyCrushers Clothes Hook Camera is a highly sophisticated electronic hidden camera device. Disguised as an ordinary household clothes hook it that allows users to video record and take pictures of any desired subject or occasion through a small pinhole camera lens located on the front of the device.

Perfect for students, law enforcement, teachers, reporters, onlookers, spectators and more, the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera shoots crisp, clear 1280 x 960 resolution video at 30 frames per second, compatible to other high end digital video recorders, but at a fraction of the price. It takes unlimited high resolution photos and can also function as a PC webcam for online video conferencing and video chats. With a continuous recording time of 2 hours, you’ll never miss an opportunity to get it all on video. It works with both PC’s and Macs without the need for downloading any special or required software. Using the included USB mini cable your computer will automatically recognize the spy camera when attached to it. Additionally, the USB Mini Cable allows users to easily transfer all captured images and all record media to any computer to store, review or share.  

This holiday season will start early for the clothes hook camera product as it is now available at a reduced sales price of $19.99 plus shipping. The $19.99 sales price is over a 70% savings from its $69.99 suggested retail price. Each clothes hook camera purchase comes with a 30 day money back or new replacement guarantee.

This holiday season if you are looking for the perfect gift that is something unique, useful and fun look no further than the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera.  Available now on Amazon, Ebay and the SpyCrushers website, the SpyCrushers clothes hook camera is the best hidden camera device of its kind.

How To Buy Spy Gear On A Budget October 20 2015

Do you need spy gadgets, but are you operating on a strict budget?  Whether you want to spy on a cheating husband, a creepy neighbor or just give your friend a spy gadget for fun. Because these items can be expensive with some devices costing over $100 you may reconsider the purchase, don’t.  Yes, some spy gadgets are expensive, but there are many ways that you can still own these tools when shopping on a budget.

Shop online.  What is nice about online shopping is that it is quick, easy, and convenient.  You can literally shop in your pajamas in the middle of the night.  That isn’t all that is nice about online shopping.  Online shopping marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon gives you the ability to compare 10 online spy gear sellers, their products and prices in the same amount of time it would take you to get dressed, walk to your car and drive to your local electronic store.  Comparing spy gear and prices on a local level requires a lot of time and gas.


Compare prices.  Whether you shop online or locally, always compare prices.  Spy gear can be on the pricy side, but you can find some good spy camera deals.  If interested in shopping locally, call ahead.  Get an idea of the spy gadgets that retailers have available for sale and ask about prices.  It can save you a trip if they don’t have what you need.  When comparing prices, especially locally, look for discontinued products.  There is nothing wrong with these items; the retailers just want to clear the space to sell something else.

Look for sales.  Speaking of discounted and discontinued products, always look for sales.  Even online spy gadget sellers stores have them.  A sale could be $5 or $50 off a hidden camera product, but any savings will help if you are on a budget.  Once again, to find the best sales shop online and compare prices.  Never pay more than you have to.  Whatever your reasons for needing the latest spy gadgets, never go broke trying to buy them.  Even if you are trying to catch a cheating spouse, it isn’t worth it.

Know that you can rely on old fashion methods of spying too.  If you are trying to solve a problem such as a stealing neighbor or cheating spouse, know that you do not have to record video or audio.  There are other ways to get your proof.  You can follow the person, enlist the help of a friend or hire a private investigator.  Do you suspect your wife is using the internet to cheat on you?  Start with your computer’s internet history or install a keylogger program to see what words she types when using the computer.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can spy, whether it be for a purpose or for fun, even when on a budget. 

Catch A Cheating Spouse With These Spy Gadgets September 16 2015

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? You may consider divorce. The first step is getting the proof you need. If your spouse is really cheating on you, that proof can come in handy during divorce or child custody hearings.

Catching a cheating spouse is not as easy as it sounds. Many cheaters leave tracks, like on a computer, and others leave none at all. If you have that overwhelming feeling that your husband or wife is cheating on you, don’t let the worry consume you. Instead, get answers. You can with a few of the devices outlined below.

1 – Hidden Pinhole Cameras
These devices are functioning digital cameras and video recorders, but you would never be able to tell. The camera or video recorder is hidden in a small pinhole, the reason for the name. Most husbands and wives resort to following to catch a cheating spouse. For that reason, opt for a wearable device. You can buy spy pens, camera sunglasses, watches, backpacks, purses, car keychains and belts with pinhole digital cameras or video recorders inside.

2 – Traditional Digital Cameras
A picture speaks a thousand words. If you follow your spouse to a date or catch them coming out of a hotel late at night, you want proof. If you don’t have the money to buy a hidden camera, look at your own personal digital camera. You don’t want to use a flash, especially late at night. This draws attention to you and the camera. Look at your cameras settings; see if there is night vision and if it works without a flash. You can get your proof without spending a dime.

3 – Traditional Camcorders
Video cameras are common fixtures in homes, especially with children present. This is another low-cost way to spy on a cheating spouse. If you don’t own one, look for sales, buy used, or ask a friend to borrow theirs. These recorders are ideal for use at night. If there is a small amount of light present, like from a streetlight, you should still get a good shot. Moreover, since you do not need to use a flash, as with a digital camera, less attention is drawn.

4 – Hidden Audio Recorders
As with hidden digital cameras and video recorders, audio recorders come in a number of different formats. Forego the traditional tape players for a digital recorder. You can buy them hidden in common items, such as a pen camera, sunglasses, and common household items like a clothes hook. Your best option is to purchase a small handheld audio recorder. By opting for a small device with a large storage disk, you can hide the device in your spouse’s car. They may talk on their cell phone to their mistress and not even realize you are listening in.
The above mentioned devices can easily help you catch a cheating spouse. With that said, the key is to use these devices properly. Don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself. Since most must follow to catch a cheating spouse, opt for a disguise. If you are walking around with a digital camera or camcorder, play the look of a tourist. Throw on a baseball cap, pair of sunglasses, and tourist shirt, available for sale at most big box stores. Your spouse and those passing by will just assume you are a tourist, not a spy on a mission.