Power Bank Spy Camera

$ 99.99

The SpyCrushers Power Bank Spy Camera looks and performs like any normal high end power bank, but inside this one is a discreetly placed hidden camera and DVR. It records at an amazing 1920x1080 HD resolution @ 10fps or 1280x720 @30fps. It has a battery run time of about 8 hours. As you probably know most spy cameras only have up to a 2 hour battery life.

The SpyCrushers Power Bank Spy Camera can be used for many applications such as a nanny
cam, to gather evidence for court or legal proceedings, personal videos and any covert surveillance job you can think of. Include with your purchase is a 16GB Micro Sd Card which you can store 5 hours of video and thousands of pictures. Our power bank spy camera also has a motion detection feature which allows you to get the most out of the battery life and storage space. To transfer, review, organize and share your recorded content simply connect your spy power bank to a PC or Mac using the included Micro 2.0 USB Cable.


  • 1920x1080 @ 10fps video resolution
  • 1280x720 @ 30fps video resolution,
  • 4032x3024 photo resolution
  • Motion Detection
  • 8 hour battery life, 
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, 



  • Power Bank Spy Camera,
  • Micro 2.0 USB Cable,
  • Smartphone Connectors,
  • Operation Manual
  • 16GB Micro SD Card


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