Spy Camera Photo Frame

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Our 4x6 photo frame spy cam is easy to setup and use. The micro video camera is concealed in an everyday item so that no one will no they are being watched by a built-in hidden camera. You can finally see what is really going on when you aren't around. Just hang it on the wall or place it on any flat surface anywhere and start recording. It's just that simple. Replace the stock photo with your own 4x6 landscape or portrait photo. No one will suspect that the picture frame sitting on the table/desk or hanging on the wall is actually a hidden camera with a built-in motion detecting digital video recorder. The tiny pinhole camera lens captures all the surveillance onto its built-in DVR via an external micro sd card. Transfer content to your PC with the included USB cable for easy viewing, organizing and storing. Power is no issue with the strong built-in 300mAh battery which can power the unit for up to 10+ hours when using the motion detection feature. Your USB Cable also can be used to recharge your unit at any time.


  • 1280*960 video resolution
  • 1280*1024 & up photo resolution
  • 10+ hour standby time (motion detection mode)
  • 1 hour maximum recording time
  • Compatible with Windows me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
  • Supports up to 32GB memory (sold separately)
  • PC Webcam
  • Date & Time Stamp
  • Motion Detection



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